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What is Peak Performance? We often think of it as depicted by the picture – someone who rose to the very top and celebrated. If you’re able to put yourself in this picture, it would feel amazing. However, this picture depicts a single event, probably a one-time thing. Peak Performance is not a one-time thing. It is getting and staying at the top of your game – your peak. To be able to get and stay at your peak takes a certain type of mindset – A Peak Performance Mindset.

When I think of Peak Performance, I think of Anthony (Tony) Robbins. At least for my generation, he brought the term to life. Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based processes, he has helped millions of people perform at incredible levels.

“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one.”Anthony Robbins

When I attended his seminars, I was running a small software applications business and doing OK for myself. Shortly after, I was able to bring my business up to $1M a year in gross revenue. I came out of the Robbins’ seminars able to perform at peak levels. I was able to talk and negotiate like had never before. My confidence was incredible, which came through in everything I did. Even my personal life was enriched.

My mindset had been changed to one of “I hope this works out.” to one of “This will work out even better than planned. I know I can overcome any issue.” This was my mindset and belief, not an affirmation. That is Peak Performance for me. During this period of time, I would find myself waking up each morning thinking, “What can I tackle today? What new challenge do I want to take on?” Oh yeah! That was my incredible mindset.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

This mindset and ability to work at peak isn’t something that you create and it stays in you. You have to continually work at it. I’m not saying it’s difficult and an every minute of the day thing. It is something that you just have to be aware of. When adversities and set backs come in, and things out of our control will, (and other people’s opinions) this can chip away at our confidence and mindset if we are not paying attention. After a while, your performance slips, and your mindset changes. This did happen to me, as well.

My business partner, Lisa Schermerhorn, had a client like that, only his peak slipped away for years. A few years ago she was hired by a golf pro who was struggling with his putting. He told her how he had been an amazing putter in his early 20’s. He was unstoppable! One day he was playing in a golf tournament in Pennsylvania and he happened to have a bad day. He could not putt for the life of him. When the tournament was over someone walked up to him and said, “Too bad you can’t putt, because you would make a phenomenal golf pro.” For 20 years he struggled with putting after that tournament. He worked as a golf pro at a local country club and he was embarrassed because everyone knew he struggled with putting. After working for an hour with him, he was able to eliminate the belief that he couldn’t putt and adjust his mindset. After his session, he went out and played 9 holes. He called her immediately after he finished and told me that was the best golf he had played in years! This was an amazing adjustment back to a Peak Performance Mindset.

Lots of things affect our mindset. Economic conditions, market conditions, opinions of friends and family, our physical being, and much more. By the way, all of these things affect our mindset in both positive and negative ways. When the economy and marketplace are doing very well, and you are in business, you start to acquire that Peak Performance Mindset. However, the mindset is based on the environment, not your own personal belief. If the environment changes, your mindset changes just as quickly.

A mindset that enables peak performance, starts internally. It has to do with the way you look at things, the way you act or react to what you experience, the way you interpret what is happening, and your belief in yourself. When you have the proper combination, you become unstoppable. You work, play, and live at a peak level. Yes, you will have that Peak Performance Mindset.

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