My Plans Flushed Down The Toilet

My Plans, Flushed Down The Toilet

Have you ever worked really hard on planning something like a podcast or a meeting or something that was really important to you and then everything started to fall apart?

Well, that recently happened to me!

Last week when my dear friend Kerryn Vaughan who has a podcast out of Melbourne, Australia asked me to be her guest last Thursday.

I had someone come to the house to help me clean my house she comes every other week and she had a family emergency so she asked if she could come late.

I said that was fine but I also said we needed to keep the noise level down because I was going to be on a podcast at seven o’clock. At about 7:30 P.M. she decided to go upstairs into the bathroom that was right above where I was doing the podcast at that point there’s a toilet that has a high-pressure valve on It that is really loud. Sometimes it actually scares me when someone else uses it.

Anyway, I’m being interviewed on this podcast and I had my brand new blue yeti microphone that could pick up everything.

It is the most incredible microphone that could pick up every single noise., The cleaning woman began clanging buckets around and it sounded like we were in the room with her.

At that point Kerryn, the interviewer asked me if someone was in my house or if something was going on. I just started laughing and I told her what was happening and we just went with the flow and laughed through the rest of the podcast. Five minutes after the noise stopped in the bathroom my house phone rang which never rings because no one has my home phone number, I always use my cell phone for everything

We laughed some more by the time we were done we had a great time. It was a wonderful interview and we had a terrific time with it.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. – Michael McGriffy M.D.

Why am I talking about this? Because I am a mindset coach. My name is Lisa Schermerhorn and I talk to people and help them with their mindset so that it’s in a good place so that when you come to twists and turns in your life instead of getting anxious or angry, you learn to kind of go with the flow, you have to be flexible.

I also help people with their money mindset and I have helped many people increase their income significantly in three to six months.   If you are interested in a free consultation or want to talk to me about your mindset, please contact me on the link below or you can go on my website at

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you look for the podcast, it should be airing mid-June.

Be on the lookout for Kerryn Vaughan, Get Off the Bench all the way from Melbourne, Australia.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about creating the optimal mindset, contact us at or email me at

3 thoughts on “My Plans Flushed Down The Toilet”

  1. OMG! “If something can go wrong it will.” Not always but being prepared and having a sense of humor sure does help.

  2. As a problem solving engineer, I would have run upstars and asked that she QUIETLY clean a different room.

    1. Yes, I could have but I didn’t want to leave the interview to run upstairs. The interviewer had a great sense of humor and we decided to demonstrate the importance of flexibility and humor.

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