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What is mindset coaching and how is it different from conventional coaching?  Better yet, what can it do for me that other coaching cannot?  These may be questions that you have when you come upon someone who is a mindset coach. Let’s explore these questions and anything else around mindset coaching.

First, we know that it is a form of coaching, so let’s look at coaching.  I found a definition that I loved – Coaching is releasing a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.   I love this because it talks about potential and performance.  I consider myself a ‘peak performance mindset coach’ and I do believe that coaching is about helping increase someone’s performance in some or many parts of their lives.  It also talks about helping them learn, as opposed to teaching them.  As a professional trainer, I was taught that teaching is a transfer of information – making sure someone knows something.  Training, however, is to help change behavior.  My students would come out, not just knowing how to do something, but being able to do it.  A coach is also one who is helping to change behavior.

A baseball coach will be good at teaching/training someone how to stand at the plate, swing for various types of pitches, and catch balls from various types of hits, as well.  A baseball coach who knows about mindset may additionally have them visualize a successful hit or catch, may have them think of a specific experience when stepping up to the plate, or may explore their beliefs and fears around what they are doing.

A sport, a job, a business, or a career isn’t just about the tactics, techniques, and processes that need to be used and followed, they are also about the mindset needed to do them well if you want to excel and maximize your potential.

What is a mindset, you may ask?  By the Merriam-Webster definition, it is “a mental attitude or inclination”.  It is also a “fixed state of mind”.   A mindset coach will take both mental attitude and state of mind into consideration in forming a peak performance mindset.  In your business, job, or career, think of the attitude that you have towards it.  Do you like it?  Is it rewarding?  Does it make you feel like you can contribute and grow, or does it feel like you or your talent is being wasted?  Whatever attitude you have will most likely drive the state of mind that you get into when you are performing at your business, job, or career.  Your state of mind can also drive your attitude as well.

Well then, what kind of mindset is needed to level up?  In some of my other blogs and writings, I talk about a growth mindset.  This is a mindset that considers that you are always learning – a failure is not the end, just a learning experience, so it is a mindset that will not cause you to ‘beat yourself up’ or think less of yourself.  It is a mindset that helps you grow.  It is a positive mindset as well.

“A positive mindset can build a positive physical and mental structure for an amazing life.” – Hormuzd Dossabhoy

A positive mindset is one that looks to create instead of tear down.  It looks for what could be instead of worrying about what might be.  It’s built around confidence, instead of fear.  A mindset coach looks to help create positive mindsets in his/her clients.  A growth mindset is a positive one.  It needs to be to allow for errors, mistakes, and ‘failures’ along the way.  It also needs to be positive to enhance the thought of continuous growth.

“Change Your Ordinary Mindset to Think Extra-Ordinary.” – Deep Pandey

We can have a positive mindset and still not get to the performance levels that we would like or need.  Positive could be that ordinary level that you are content and comfortable.  You may have a positive outlook that things will be OK, and that’s nice.  As opposed to a negative mindset, which typically looks and expects a negative outcome.  Some people like that because they say that they never get disappointed.  That is not how I want to live.  I not only want and love that positive mindset, I also want to excel at most things I do. I want to think in an ‘extraordinary manner.

Mindset coaching is about recognizing your present mindset, in your business or career, as well as in other parts of your life.  Then it is about creating a mindset that is optimal for what you want to do and where you’d like to go.

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If you want to explore mindset coaching further and what it can do for you, contact us through www.peakperformancemindsetcoaching.com or email me at kevin@peakperformancemindsetcoaching.com  or Lisa at lisa@peakperformancemindsetcoaching.com

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