Access Your Inner Genius

Accessing Your Inner Genius

The thing about geniuses is that they believe they can do whatever they set their mind to. They also establish a plan and work toward it every day . . . with the belief that they will accomplish their goals and dreams no matter what. To activate your inner genius, you first have to reprogram the CEO of your brain (the part that helps you navigate through your behavior and decision-making process)and shift your mindset.


  1. Find your Inner Critic. What is your self-talk saying? What do you believe about yourself that is stopping you from accomplishing your goals? Most of the time your inner critic is doing its job unconsciously and you end up doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result. Once you learn to recognize your patterns, you can start making adjustments in how you approach situations. A small shift can create a major transformation and shift to a Peak Performance Mindset.
  2. Winners Mindset – once you turn off your inner critic, you want to set your goals. When it comes to developing the “Winners Mindset”, the bottom line is, you’ve got to start thinking like a winner. Winners and genius millionaires, value themselves; they then align their values with their goals. What do you value and what are your goals? Only once you do this can you be successful doing what you love and value. It’s not that most people don’t have the potential, it’s because they don’t have the right peak performance mindset, commitment, and motivation to take action toward their goals.
  3. Unleash your creativity! The top performers are creative and think outside the box. They use the skills and talents they were born with. Daydream and let your mind wander! Tap into your passion. According to scientist Roberta Ness, author of Creativity in the Sciences, to achieve your goals, or produce something that’s awesome enough to make progress, one must risk being “out there” . . . maybe even appear a little crazy.
  4. Intuition – trust your inner voice. Practice mindfulness. Meditation helps you access your inner genius. When you quiet your mind, you have an opportunity to discover your gifts. When you pay attention to what’s going on within and listen to your intuition, breakthroughs are much more likely to unfold for you. Offer a statistic on top performers using meditation…a study?
  5. Release your fear –we all have fear. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Failing is a part of learning. Keep a record of how many times you fail in a day. The more often you fail, the higher the probability something great will happen. Use your fear to fuel your success!


When you face your fears, you will set yourself free. At Peak Performance Mindset Coaching, we help you discover you Inner Genius!

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