in every BELIEF is a LIE

We all come from different backgrounds and different belief systems. We all believe that our beliefs are true. How is it possible that everyone’s beliefs are true? Everyone has their belief but within their belief, how do you know what is your TRUTH or the ultimate TRUTH?

For example, if you watch MSNBC you believe what you are told is true. If you watch Fox News, you believe what you are told is true. Which is it? Each person believes what they know is true, otherwise, they wouldn’t believe it. Our beliefs color the TRUTH.

In every belief, there is the truth and a lie, or the truth is missing.

In order to discover what your truth is, you need to go back to your Map of the World. A Map of the World is your programming. It’s how you see the world. How does your world get formed?

Did you know that you can also inherit beliefs from your parents, grandparents, great grandparents up to seven generations back?

How do you know what you believe is true? That is a hard question to answer. In Every Belief is a Lie will step you through the different ways you are potentially programmed and it includes some powerful tools to release the beliefs that are holding you back.

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How to Build Rapport With Anyone Easily Within Seconds.

January 28, 4:00-4:45 pM ET

What would it mean if you could make your client or prospect comfortable with you within seconds? What would it mean to you, if after a few moments the person you are with felt like they’ve known you for years, even if they just met you?

This is all very possible and much more when you learn Instant Rapport. Learn the basics of communication – face to face, on the phone, and even in email or text to make sure that you are not only creating rapport but also staying in it.

These methods for Instant Rapport that you will be learning are based on research and studies on both communications and psychology.


  • How to make strangers comfortable with you, almost instantly
  • How to ‘disarm’ irate Customers easily and turn them back around
  • The key traits of successful communicators
  • How to pace and lead a conversation
  • How to listen with more than just your ears

When you walk out of this training you will be armed with the strategies you need that will dramatically increase your odds of bringing on new clients, winning deals, making new friends easily and effortlessly.

The Language of Success

January 14, 4:00-4:45 pM ET

Have you ever been at a loss of words when you really needed them? Have you ever wanted to master language enough so you could influence easily when you wanted to?

Well this is the workshop where you can learn to master the Language of Success. Yes! There is a Language of Success, not only for what you say to others, but for what you say to yourself as well. This is the basis of the language skills used by people such as President Obama and President Clinton.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the language patterns that you need to be successful when speaking to others.
  • Learn how to identify specific words or phrases that others say and how to properly challenge them when needed – master the art of debate.
  • Learn the how your words influence yourself and your goals
  • And much more…

Can this be powerful in business relations? It sure can! This can be powerful whenever you are conversing with others, whether it’s professional or personal. Come learn the LANGUAGE of SUCCESS!

When you walk out of this training you will be armed with the strategies you need to become extremely influential when you speak. You will speak with confidence and with powerful words.